Weird And Crazy Wedding Photo Ideas
Saturday, June 29, 2019
By Kinard Photography
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There are all sorts of different couples out there, and that’s what makes so many various relationships and marriages unique. You might truly love some aspects of your significant other that friends and acquaintances don’t appreciate, and you might even dislike aspects of them that others love. Either way, there are many different types of relationships. There are relationships that can be quite turbulent, as both people are quite intense, and other relationships where the personality of one individual complements the other well.

While there are many different types of personalities that make for different relationships, the truth is that there are some couples that are a bit more adventurous than the rest. They might have a quirky sense of humor, or the two individuals might combine as a couple to become the life of the party when it comes to certain events. There are plenty of couples who opt for more serious photos, but what if you want to try out some goofy wedding photo ideas? After all, there are some that believe the ability to be playful with each other is essential to a successful marriage.

Perspective Photos

One easy strategy can be fun is taking perspective photos. For those who are unaware, perspective photos are when the perspective changes dramatically. This can cause one individual looks much larger than the other, and it can make for some great fun. For example, the groom might be holding the bride in his hand or the bridge might be admiring the tiny groom from above. Perspective photos are a great way to put a twist on traditional wedding photos, and provide some laughs from your future children (or grandchildren!).


While it might not be for everyone; cosplay is when individuals dress up as some of their favorite characters, and is short for the phrase “costume play”. It grew tremendously in popularity in Japan during the 1990s, but now is more popular than ever. In fact, one of the reasons that it has grown in popularity is due to the immense success of Comic-Con, a festival where gamers, anime fans, and comic book fans often wear costumes and celebrate their favorite media. If there is a particular movie, TV show, or game that the couple love; it might be funny to offer a cosplay wedding photo session for something different.

Involve Your Furry Friends

There are all sorts of people that consider their pet their best friend, and this phenomenon certainly isn’t limited by age, gender, or geography. For example, there are young kids that learn important lessons by playing with dogs, and there are older individuals and those with disabilities that actually utilize safety dogs to help guide them through the world. There are even emotional support dogs to help those with mental issues, as well.

There might be a chance that your pet plays an important role in your relationship and future marriage. You may have adopted a rescue dog together, or you two may have decided to get a cat around the same time that you moved into your new apartment. It doesn’t matter what pet it is, a few photos of you enjoying the presence of your pet might make a cute addition to your wedding photos.

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