How to Plan the Ultimate Senior Photo
Wednesday, August 07, 2019
By Kinard Photography
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Fall is here, and that means students around the country are headed back to school. While every year of education is essential, students entering their senior year of high school are in for something unique. If you want to immortalize this seminal year of your child's life, you should get senior photos to save in albums or share with friends and family members. Besides being wedding photo experts, Kinard Photography can also take fantastic senior photos. Here are some tips and ideas you can use to plan the ultimate senior photo.

A commonly held misconception is that you have to get your senior portraits from the same person that took your child's yearbook photos. Getting professional senior pictures from a studio like Kinard Photography ensures you don't have photos that are identical to the ones everyone else in the class is giving out. Kinard Photography helps students create senior portraits that will showcase their unique personality. These photos are perfect for including in graduation announcements.

If you want to take the perfect senior portrait, you should take the time to get to know your photographer. When you work with Kinard Photography, we work with students and their parents to decide on poses and themes they want to include. Getting to know your photographer helps reduce any trepidation or hesitation when opening up about yourself, your funny stories, and your struggles in particular. A good photographer can use these insights to help take pictures that you will love.

Good planning is an essential part of taking the ultimate senior portrait. If you arrive without everything you need, you may miss out on an opportunity to make a fantastic photo. You should bring more outfits than you need, in case you decide that a particular outfit is more flattering in the situations you've chosen. That said, you should be prepared to change outfits quickly, so you spend more time taking photos than in the dressing room. It also helps to bring a friend or family member to help fix your hair and outfits.

The best senior photos have themes and compositions that tell the viewer something about the person in the picture. Bring props that have meaning to you so they can be incorporated into some of the photos. Some prop ideas include things related to your hobbies, such as sports or music. Other ideas include bringing a favorite CD with your music, pictures from magazines or websites that you like, a uniform, and similar personal items. The more choices you have, the more fantastic photo opportunities you can create.

When taking photos for your senior portrait, it's vital to be yourself. The goal isn't necessarily to turn you into a model. It's to take a picture that shows off who you truly are. Don't worry if you can't think of the best poses and themes on your own. At Kinard Photography, we're professionals. We can help you set up the perfect senior portrait after getting a chance to know the student's personality.

You can get an idea of the work we can do for seniors by looking at some of the senior pictures in our gallery. If you want to have Kinard Photography take senior pictures for your student, send us a message online to schedule a consultation.

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